Sunday Services

Welcome dear friend, come and worship with us. Join us in a family oriented, comfortable sanctuary, where you will feel right at home. Make new friends, get a free cup of coffee before the service begins, enjoy a full music band every service, and shop our Christian book store featuring a large variety of books and gifts! But most importantly, the worship service is going to be powerful and relevant to your life. A Church full of imperfect people, coming together as one, worshiping the same God! It will be a privilege to have you with us!
Sunday Morning Schedule:
9:00 – 9:55am – Café & Book Store Open
10:00 – 11:30am – Morning Worship*
*nursery is available at 10am Junior church is dismissed following the music portion of the service


Upon arrival, you will receive a program explaining what you can expect during the celebration. One of the first things you’ll notice is the café located immediately to your right as you enter. There is  FREE coffee or you can purchase a breakfast sandwich, bagel or donut. You are welcome to bring your drink into the auditorium with a lid!
You’ll also see that everyone is dressed casually. We begin our celebrations with about 25 minutes of worship. Rather than an organ or choir we have a live band. Most of our music has a pop/rock feel. One way or another, you should have some catchy tunes to hum all week long. After worship, there will be a few announcements. Following the announcements, our children are dismissed for Junior Church as everyone else prepares for the weekend message. The talk lasts somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes and often includes video clips from movies, stories from people’s lives, or dramas.
Afterwards, you’ll have the opportunity to receive prayer from our prayer team, if you’d like. We do take up offerings or you can use the offering box at the entry doors. We do not expect or request money from our visitors!

Our celebrations run about an hour and a half. We get a lot of encouraging feedback about how relevant and practical people typically find the talks to be. Our goal is to be a church where everyone can feel comfortable and relate to God. After the celebration, many people visit with friends and often develop into groups and go out for a meal. You also might want to wander through our Winepress Vineyard book store. We hope you’ll return for another visit next Saturday or Sunday or sometime in the future.

We will try not to spotlight or embarrass our visitors in any manner while, at the same time, seek to make you feel comfortable and at home.
Our Sunday morning children’s ministry is called “Seekers in Sneakers.”  and is coordinated by Carole Osborne who has an incredible love for children and a strong team supporting all age groups!
We offer programs for kids aged 0 to 6th grade at both worship celebrations. Our nursery provides a safe and clean environment for babies. From children’s camp in the summer to musicals, making crafts, and learning the stories of the Bible every week — you’ll find your children love junior church!! Parents of children aged newborn to two must register their children when they drop their child off so they may be reached if their child needs their attention. Junior Church begins at the end of our singing portion of our worship celebration in order for our children to learn the joy of adult worship as well.
Small Groups (Clusters):
“Cluster” is the name of our home fellowships where we gather together and grow closer to each other and to God. Our desire is that every member be a part of a Cluster to help develop his/her walk with the Lord. Stop by the Information Table, visit the Cluster page, or call the church for details and directions to each of these home fellowship groups. You can also visit the “Home Fellowship Groups” page here: >>

Youth (Student Ministries):

  • 7:00 – 8:30PM on Wednesdays at the church for youth in 6th-12th grades.
  • 7:00-7:20 PM Open gym and Fellowship: Fellowship is vital to the success of any youth program. This is where relationships and trust are built between the youth and the leadership.
  • 7:20-8:20 PM Full Group Worship, Bible Study, breakout groups, and Related Activities: This time is geared towards youth of all ages and spiritual maturity levels. Subjects vary from week to week, but teach the youth to make Christianity relevant and their relationship with Jesus real. The studies are interactive and allow time for discussion and questions.
  • 8:20-8:30 PM Ministry and Prayer.